Backend Python Developer

  • Development
  • Bucuresti, Romania

Backend Python Developer

Job description

Team Extension is hiring a full-time Back-End developer to help improve and expand upon our proprietary, in-house applications. These applications perform a diverse array of functions, but all expose their capabilities to entirely separate React.js front-end applications via RESTful APIs.

 As part of our back-end development team, you’ll be responsible for the ongoing development of our back-end applications. You’ll be expected to take ownership of your assigned projects, helping to guide development and shape priorities over the long term. Our back-end applications use Python / Django exclusively, so you’ll need a very strong grasp of these technologies in particular.


This is a list of hard requirements for this position, and applicants who don’t have the necessary expertise in these areas will not be considered. Therefore, you must:

+ have a strong grasp of programming fundamentals, in Python
+ have extensive experience building web applications with Django
+ have significant experience working with/on RESTful APIs, ideally using Django REST framework / Dynamic REST
+ be comfortable with PostgresSQL and relational databases in general
+ understand RESTful API-based architecture, including authentication, authorization, and complex queries

This is a list of soft requirements. Not a deal-breaker if you can’t do these things, but it'd be awesome if you:
+ have experience with PhantomJS / Selenium
+ have experience with Jinja2 and WKHTML
+ have worked on web scraping applications
+ have worked with applications that leverage Oauth
+ have experience using major API providers like Google, Amazon, etc.
+ Have experience with Asynchronous task management with Celery / DJCelery
+ have strong relational database skills (query optimization, SQL)
+ have experience designing and working with distributed architecture (e.g. AWS) – databases, file stores, and load-balanced clusters
+ have some server-level / system-administration proficiency in things like NIGNX configuration.